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Whooo am I?

Hi! I am Micki Pickering. Thank you for stopping by Hoot Auctions. I have an extensive background in, and passion for, events and auctions. I began my career in event management, planning, coordinating, and executing all types of events. My journey into auctions began while I was working an event in 2017. The event needed an Emcee and no one wanted to take the mic. So, I said, "Give me that." and the rest was history. I loved being the front person, I loved interacting with the crowd and drawing excitement for what we were doing. I knew that I wanted to be behind the mic, not just behind the scenes. However, my decade as a Event Producer prior to becoming an Auctioneer & MC, gives me a unique perspective that allows me to see, and guide organizations to what is needed for a successful fundraising event.

Why choose Hoot?

I also knew I wanted to help my community–and the world. My speciality is benefits and fundraising. I realized I can use my voice to ask for help for those who can't ask for it themselves. Being an emcee gives me a platform to do something more. I have a chance to get others as excited as I am. 

To run a highly successful auction, you need the right personality. I am an activator and I LOVE to activate a crowd! My goal, is for my passion for your cause to be so contagious that your attendees feel motivated to get behind, support, and contribute to your cause. 


I also care–which to some might not sound like much–but it can make all the difference. To me, it's not "just an auction or event." It is all about connecting your audience to your cause, and that is why you have me to encourage them to team together to meet fundraising dreams that can really make a difference for the organization and its beneficiaries.


I genuinely care about the organization and how it does. I become part of their company and my only goal is to help them succeed. I am with you every step of the way. This is a partnership. I am the new breed of auctioneer. We are changing the game. We are breaking boundaries and rewriting the rules and what that means for you is more profit and a hoot of a time.

A Hoot of a Name

Why the name Hoot? Family is very important to me. My grandmother, or Nanna, loved owls. In England the Girl Scouts are called the Brownies and the leader is called the Brown Owl. My nana was a Brown Owl and that is where her interest in owls grew. The Brownies were a perfect fit for her, because she lived her life constantly helping other people. She was always the person doing what she could to make other peoples' lives better. Even after she retired, she became a care giver for an assisted living center. As a child, she would take us on her rounds every morning when we visited, to check in on all the residents, they loved seeing us and I remember getting treats from many of them. That home was a special place, and the place I learned the meaning and value of helping others.

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Nanna had hundreds of owls all over her house. I grew up knowing this was part of who she was, which became part of me. Before she passed she gave me her owl necklace, which is what the logo is based on. After she passed away the owls kept calling to me. I would see them everywhere, so I knew I wanted my company to reflect her. 


Beyond Hoot being related to an owl, it also fit the auction world perfectly. It's short, fun, and to the point. I give a hoot, so I hoot for you.

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